My Professional World


The  Art of Change. 


The TEDx talk, I was honored to give in May 2018, definitely wraps up my professional beliefs and main drivers. When I got the invitation to be one of the speakers of the very first edition of TEDx in my university, I was really glad. I was given the freedom to chose my topic in a manner very few could.

Freedom could be quite frightening.

After a couple of horrifying days inside my head, I finally picked that magical, intangible essence of my professional life, that was, is and will be relevant to me regardless of the time that has been passed.

I just realized that my whole career choices have been driven by the inner desire to change and to make things a little bit better. And Change is what I know best.

And no matter how scary and chaotic change could look like, it has its everlasting rules that could be applied to everything – from personal career change to a company reorganization. That’s my professional dedication – to bring positive change into existing structures so they realize their full potential.

How do i bring change?

One of the things I adore in this world is the way we connect with each other.

There is enormous energy that is exchanged every time we share from within. The transmission of emotion, the beauty of being together mentally with someone has unlimited power over our lives.

Every time when I speak in front of a group of people, it is a brand new journey. I succeed to inspire others, just because I let them inspire me in the first place. 

And I love sharing knowledge (call it business knowledge, call it models, methods, tools) in a way that people can connect with it and actually use it.

I love translating weird ideas into practical and easy to be implemented projects. 

During my professional life, I have met so many brilliant minds who have been challenged to bring their concepts into actually working business models. My passion is to translate those ideas into something tangible and working. Consulting business concepts, value propositions, analyzing implementation, creating roadmaps and frameworks is something I  find my talents in a really good use.  

If you know  “why”, but you don’t know “how”, I am your person.

I believe that if you truly want to change something, you have to know it at heart.

The long-lasting, sustainable change, doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time and dedication. Sometimes it’s needed something so small and then the whole organization works in a completely different manner. I enjoy finding the missing pieces.

However, the period of transformation may occur very stressful for the companies and especially for the people. Good communication, providing ways for further contribution, a structure in place are essential in order to sustain every organization during times of change.

And yet the change is inevitable anyway, but we can choose the way you embrace it. 

If you need guidance and help in that manner, I would be happy to support you.

My Backgroud

I am proud to be alumni of the oldest university in Bulgaria. Even thou I do not actively practice a legal profession, my master’s degree in law helps me providing a clear legal structure to all business projects that cross my path.

During my legal studies, I developed a deep understanding of how regulations work and how they should be created. As well, I was deeply intrigued by the civil law regulations in the EU.

Master degree in Law

Sofia University

Research manager /2012-2013/

Bora International

During my studies, I began a job in a German-led company as a research manager. My role required me to make deep b2b analysis and market data collection for the German market. I had the chance to understand the specifics of business operations in those areas.

As well, this was also my first role in leading a small team of 5 people. 

Bit more than a year after I started, I was promoted to be the operations and HR manager of the company. It was a great honor to lead more than 40 people and to actively communicate with diverse international clients over their projects.

It was definitely a challenge to hire and develop the people in the company, but also it was a very rewarding experience to see them grow. I had to learn how to communicate efficiently and how to plan human resources in a manner that makes the employees fulfilled and the clients more than happy.

OPErations & HR MANAGER /2013-2016/

Bora International

Finance & Legal Director /2016-2017/

International NGO, Brussels

My role as Head of Finance & Legal department of an NGO was at the same time the most challenging and rewarding experience in my professional career. Leading more than 300 volunteers and young people, working on a daily basis with more than 60 companies and collaborating with the EU commission, government authorities and other NGOs significantly impacted my personal and professional development.

As Vice-president Finance and Legal, it was my responsibility to define the right financial strategies for all 13 NGOs, represented under the brand, in order they to be able to generate growth in their operations. Furthermore, the legal compliance and internal process optimisation were the second big focus of my work that allowed me to show my strengths.

As of Jan 2018, Inspire Bulgaria had become my main commitment and personal mission. Inspire Bulgaria is designed to be a platform for social entrepreneurship that includes:

– Inspire NGO – dedicated to help and support in many ways the improvement of the Bulgarian Society;

– Inspire Consulting – dedicated to consulting the Bulgarian business in order to grow sustainably

– Inspire Office – dedicated to providing shared working space to those who share our values

– Inspire Projects – our way to test our knowledge before consulting others. One of our favorite creations is the platform Kidz Welcome, which helps Bulgarian parents to find the right social place for them and their kids.

FOUNDER /2018-current/

Inspire Bulgaria

I am happy to have in my life:

Presentations provided
conferences facilitated
business plans consulted
people mentored or coached
initiatives executed

Current endeavors​