velina dragiyska

I'm Velina &
I'm an advocate of constructive change.

Change is an inevitable part of life.

 Regardless of our desire for it, it comes. 

It enters every single aspect of our being- from personal to professional and then back to even more personal. And if we can not dance with its rhythm, it could be truly unpleasant and challenging.

Bringing change is an even more demanding task. Even though almost all of us have an imprinted desire to bring change, so very few achieve it sustainably. 

My task revolves around the idea to bring constructive change or help others to do it in their life – predominantly in their professional expression or devotion. 

I do not talk about bringing positive change, but a constructive and useful one, since positive and negative are subjective categories lacking true substance. Instead, I work in the field of designing change that is lasting, sustainable and useful for others. 

The outer journey.

My work commitments and joys. 

The inner journey.

My internal search for answers.