The message

Recently someone asked me what it would be my message to all people out there if I had only one chance to pass it on?

Just one try and nothing more.

I write all the time. It might be on a blog, on a website, on one of the countless diaries I have or on the napkin next to me. It doesn’t matter. I write. This is what I do. This is my way to express who I really am. This is my way to leave behind me every little piece of wisdom, experience or randomness I gather on the journey of my life. Thousands of tiny messages.

Looking back into the moment when I wrote my very first poem, I still remember the urge I was feeling to express it on paper. An urge that I actually can’t explain. You just feel it – in your stomach, in your head, in your throat. It is at your fingertips. And you have to set it free. I have to.

The blank page has always been my best friend. And every time when I start writing the first word, I have no clue how I would like to end the page. It’s a process that hides surprises. This is what I find beautiful. And this is where I put my trust. Maybe because I am a believer, maybe because I enjoy it so badly, but I know there is a sense in that. There should be a purpose. And I might not see it now or even in this lifetime, but something always whispers gently that I have to do it. For myself and for the others.


But if I had just one try to put in words everything I have to say, it would be:


Dear one,

it doesn’t matter who you are or who you think you are or pretend to be. This universe is a magnificent mix of beauty and wisdom. And you are a universe of your own. 

You are the Creator and the Creation. 

There are no mistakes. Even when it hurts, or you are down, or others are. There are no mistakes, only harsh lessons sometimes.

There is no pain in love. The pain is in the ego and in the fear. The pain comes only when you try to shrink yourself.

And most important of all – there is no such a thing as normal. So please, stop trying to put yourself in a predefined frame. You have this life not to satisfy someone’s expectations, but to live your true essence. You aren’t just a piece of a puzzle, you are the entire masterpiece. Remember that you do not have to prove yourself.  You do not have to do anything at all, but to be you. And I painfully know that out there is full of illusions of how your life should look like. None of those illusions help you anyway. So please, stop listening, stop paying attention to the external and start listening to the voice within.

Listen only to yourself.

Because we are here to live, love and learn. 

Not to fit. 


Let your life be your message.

I believe in you!


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