Keep Dreaming

Dear one,

I keep dreaming. Dreaming about unknown happiness randomly found where bravery and fear meet. Dreaming about unnamed places with thousands of suns and moons. Dreaming and dreaming. It’s so insane and that’s why it keeps me awake. 

Dreams – my secret wishes, shouted at the universe.

My feet follow the uneven rhythm that the life creates for me. Back and forth, I move like in a spiral of self-discovery. Creating a life for me, being the life itself. And every time when I surrender my nature to the darkness, I see the light all around me. 

Recently, I was afraid. Afraid of unfulfilled dreams. I felt trapped between my desires and the reality. It’s funny how devastating it could be when the dreams do not come true. Or at least I felt like that. I felt tricked by my imagination, by my hopes, by my dreams.  I saw them as the deadliest trap that I could ever lay for myself. I assumed that dreams are just like the expectations. So foolish. I can be extremely naive sometimes.

And of course, my controlling nature do have a problem with the expectations. No matter what we expect, it could never be in our interest (*check  “The Art of Being)”.  But then how the dreams are different from the expectations? Where is the trap?

Two weeks ago, I sat in my darkest place. The moon was full in Aries. My Moon. My Power. My mind was so busy wanting things, creating images and storylines, building plots. It was noisy and harmful. I couldn’t listen to it anymore. I have never felt like this before – I love my mind, it gives me so much, it is a blessing, but sometimes, sometimes it could be my worst enemy that overthinks the overthinking itself. I was lost and afraid – something so rare in my life. I had no idea how my next step should look like. And I was tired of thinking, tired of being me.

The moon saved me. I saved myself.

I sat in the darkness, trying to understand the power of the 21st Gene Key (Control – Authority – Valor). Trying to feel it.

And I decided to pray. To make a wish. A true one. My very essence desperately desired to do it – just to pray. But in a different way. Cause the old one has never worked. It feels like a magic every time when you decide to do the old in a new manner.

So started praying, but it was a pray without words. No forms. No wishes. At least not in the way I knew before. I prayed speechlessly. I prayed with all my heart. I prayed from my heart. Even a single word wasn’t spoken, but all my dreams were there. Pure, dressed in light and my confused mind was unable to influence, not even a bit. I won out it. My heart won.

Here is the lesson. Simple. We do not need the form when we make our wishes and when we live our dreams. No form is needed, no words as well. Every time when we put our dreams in the reality chains, we do not create dreams, but expectations. Dreams are dreams when they are coming from the heart.

And my dear one, it is needless to say that I do live my dreams now. Not because something happened, but because I feel the life inside me. Because I became happiness itself. Because my heart is open and my dreams are fulfilled.

And so my dear one, 

keep dreaming,

keep dreaming from the heart!


I promise you, every day will be pure magic. I promise you, at every step, you will meet a sign that you are on your own way. I promise you, whatever you truly desire, will come. Will come better than you can imagine.

Believe me.


I keep dreaming.


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