C’mon, life!
Give me a riddle!

Internally mad but eternally brave at heart, the unsolved mysteries have ever been my soft spot. Lifting up questions like never before. Changing my external expression. Spinning in circles and creating spirals of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.

In my life, there have been so many “after all”-s, so many conclusions, so many lessons. So many times I have felt that the answer I have been looking for, is finally here, right next to me and I can grasp it out and put it on a throne. And a minute later – it is simply gone.


My biggest weakness as expected turned out to be my greatest gift and strength.

I am unconditional.


And again, yes, I am unconditional. Can not find a word that describes better the battlefields inside of me. Once I was blaming myself for being too naive, now every time when I have a choice I choose to be naive. Cause those with pure hearts are loved by the universe. Simple. And purity requires love.

It’s commonly known that the love is the one thing – the God, the Universe, the very essence of humans. And we imagine the love in many forms, often we put even a face on it. We put an image of a universal law or a karmic lesson and we say – well, it is love. And it is. Simply because everything is love. Love is everything.

The one thing that we I have been refusing to understand is the other side of the coin. Love could be the choice to go and experience things you wish not to. Because we all want to experience the unconditional love of the universe in our hearts, to love gently, to love in freedom. We can not understand the concept of love in terms of harsh lessons.


Someone very important to me once told me – Our biggest foes down here are our greatest friends up there. Recently I realized that the thinner the wall between down here and up there is, the bigger the confusion is. The harder the riddle. And I decided to love regardless. To take everything as it is. To accept with my very human mind that I can bring the divine love to the very human messed up world.  And I thought that I am capable of doing it. To feel two things at the very same time.

Simple. The divine love is for the divine world. The human one is for this one.

We are not here to live as gods but as humans. We need to feel like humans, not to cover everything behind the mask of a great divine lesson. We are here to feel and experience things that we are not wishing for sometimes.

And up there we have made the choice to do so. And to be so. (*check Scorpio Soul)

But! Up there, it is love, a pure and an unconditional one. Love to go on a human journey and live, love & learn. Love so great that demands from us to give each other lessons, to hurt and protect, to make choices, to feel from love to rage, from love to fear, from love to apathy.

So life, give me a riddle about life and love, about living and dying, about human and divine, that I cannot solve! Give me a riddle!

Cause I know I can solve all of your riddles now!

And every riddle brings me closer to me.



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