No endings, no beginnings.

Just unconditional dreaming.


Countless realms are rallying in a single glimpse of time. Dimensions with hidden treasures of wisdom are playing the game of reflections inside my mind. Everything is one, one is everything. Simultaneously, what I have dreamt of is here, right next to me, and it has never happened.


What if everything you have ever taken as real, is not?

What if the divine illusion we all are living in is here just to provoke us?

Резултат с изображение за symbol of aleph

I’ve got sick of definitions. The recent days made me feel something new. Free from my desire to define, I managed to open a space inside of me for a very new understanding. And the two armies inside my mind reached a final peace treaty.

It doesn’t take one to lose in order one to win. If one idea is right it doesn’t mean the opposite one is not. The illusion of duality and separation is what actually keeps us away from the true state of being everything. We are everything. And we are one at the same time.

The ego is serving well this illusion. It whispers to protect ourselves from the world outside, from the other people. It whispers that there is a division, where actually is unity.

It’s a matter of your internal focus. You can believe everything you need to, but the point is to realize where your focus would serve you and the others, the most. And I know it sounds super abstract, but this is what makes the human mind so unique – it can expand with time and practice to the point to understand the concept of the abstract stages of being.





There is a space, somewhere very near and very far at the same time. There is a space out of time. There is a space where every experience becomes pure wisdom and nothing more. There is a space filled with the freedom to be. There is a space where no decisions rule. No judgment. Space which brings together the Earth and the Sky. 

And every time when I enter this space, I am full of gratitude. My heart becomes silent, my mind expands to its true nature. No desires, no wishes. No ego. No me. I am all when I am there. And I see the true meaning, that everything is meant to be, as it is and as it has never been. There I am free. Free from the person who I am. In peace and harmony. Nothing but love. Nothing but us. 


I am coming to meet you there. 

Velina. Aleph.


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