The Hidden Sun


The Darkness is a tempting journey. It triggers you in unknown ways. It plays with your brain, offering it the forbidden fruit of knowledge. We all wish to know, to reveal the mysteries of the Universe. We wish to know how the things work so we can make them work for us. Even when it means we want to work for a common goal or for the others.

It’s a slippery road with many curves. With small paths aside. It’s just another attempt to exercise control over our own destiny. But here is the thing – we can not control our destiny. That’s the point of having one.

The Darkness is a friend of mine. Comfy and relaxing. Always there for me to offer me its monsters for a play. Never dull. Always deep enough for my taste.

I have never denied its power over me. But when I am embraced for a long by it, I tend to forget that it is not me. I am not it. Every realization that I have ever had, I’ve received after enjoying the comfort of my dark & twisty place. And I know, it might sound weird to call it comfort, but it is. It allows you to see more and to be more by being nothing. It makes your ego silent and conquered.

But one thing I know for sure:

Life = Change

After darkness, the sun is to come.

The Sun that has always been there hidden behind some clouds and spring storms. The Sun that shines inside, even when the eyes are not capable to see it. The Sun that wakes up each morning and gives us the energy to be.

The Hidden Sun has always been there in your life, in our lives. And we all should celebrate it and surrender in the softness of its beams in the way we do the same with the darkness.

Резултат с изображение за symbol of the sun

It’s 22nd of March. The Spring is here. The Aries season has started. It is time to reveal the Hidden Sun inside of us and to bring it to shine brightest than ever.

What does the Sun have prepared for us this time? I do not know. But I am so eager to know, so eager to experience it. This time, I know, I can wait for it. It does deserve the time.

Even in the darkest hours, I know, the Sun is just waiting as well, waiting for us to be ready for it. To prepare to receive its light.


So, isn’t it just about time to let it arise?



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