We tend to look for the purpose of our lives. We tend to search for the one thing. For the one and only right job. For the one love. For the one and undivided meaning of our existence. For the one true dedication. For the special moment. For the one thing, we want to devote ourselves to. We look for one when there is plenty.

We tend to assume that there is just one perfect thing for each area of our life. And we have to explore, to search, to fight for it once we have found it. I used to do the same back in the days. But the more I live, the funnier this thought becomes. Simply, because of the fact that the true purpose of our life is not to find something and stick to it blindly until the end of our days. It is not to commit to that thing regardless. And do not get me wrong, I am a big fan of the commitment. Only committed we are capable to experience fully whatever comes to us and to be in the moment. But there is the thing, the commitment is to the way, to the journey, to ourselves and not to the external.

Looking for the one true thing is lost cause. The universe plays the game differently.



Everything could be the one. As long as it is part of us. But the other side of the coin is much more interesting – when the one thing is actually everything.

I came to a moment in my life when I am more than happy to admit that I am not looking for the one true thing, but I am looking to collect as much as possible of the world offers. To embrace, to experience everything that comes my way, with the only condition to come pure. And if you remember, since the last February I adore to repeat the phrase: “Whatever comes – good or bad, it comes to me”. It gives me the freedom to fully surrender my own being to the life.

So I commit to gathering stories, to experiencing as deep as possible everything. I commit to embrace and follow the journey. And this beautiful world offers so many stories filled with unconditional love. And every lesson we learn is a lesson of love. The love that is within our soul. And it is time to remember that we are here not to search for something, but to live fully our most authentic selves – to live love. Often those selves are wild and free.

What is the point of putting ourselves into limitations?

What is the point of definitions?

As Oscar Wilde once wrote: “To define is to limit.”


What is the point of the one true things?

One is simply overrated.

Let’s become everything.



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