This page should be incredibly long since all the good things in my life have happened because of the help, trust, support of others. It’s beyond my rational grasp how connected we all are. I consider myself extremely honoured and grateful that I am surrounded and empowered by a group of incredible people who have helped me along the way. 


Rarely I am out of words, but the support they have given me can not be described. 

Ernst Zwignli

Ernst Zwingli

Ernst is the one who believed that the change in Bulgaria is possible and invites me to bring constructive change. I can not dream of a better business partner. I am deeply grateful for all the support, trust and encouragement he has provided me since we established Inspire Bulgaria.  Visit his company website -

Gergana Deenichina

Gergana Deenichina

It is a rare gift to have in my life someone who understands me so well and helps me grow. Geri is a remarkable lady who has helped me develop in the last couple of years. She combines extremely reach professional knowledge and expertise and works with it in a non-conventional and powerful way. Her coach can truly change the world.  Visit her website and get yourself introduced to the powerful methodology for transformation -

Lillie Georgieva

Lillie Georgieva

Once upon the time when I was trying to define my "vision for the next 5 years" at age of 26, Lillie helped me to understand that not everyone needs such kind of vision in order to achieve his or her true potential. She supported me to take the step to come back to Bulgaria and to start experimenting with my activities and personal branding. Visit her website here:

A picture can be worth a thousand words, but only the right one. Those are my visual magicians.

the shadow ops

The Shadow Ops

All the designs and visual elements I am using are thanks to The Shadow Ops creative mind. It is a rare pleasure to have a designer who understands and build upon all your ideas.

Visit their website:


Crossmachineis one of the photographers who are not afraid to experiment. Shooting with him feels like a therapeutic experience. Almost all photos on this website are his creation.

Visit his profile: