My Reality

The hardest thing in my life – to stick to a reality.   This blog post is important to me. Usually, my posts are late-night expressions of something I have been through. Realized emotions, taken lessons, experience, and wishes. My posts are my little pieces of art, that is not art exactly, but my understanding […]

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The point of no return

Have you ever had that feeling that you just want to hide? To escape from the reality. To run and run and run until you reach the point of no return? To start over? To leave behind cause it is just too much to handle? I escaped from many things in my life. For the […]

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C’mon, life! Give me a riddle! Internally mad but eternally brave at heart, the unsolved mysteries have ever been my soft spot. Lifting up questions like never before. Changing my external expression. Spinning in circles and creating spirals of yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. In my life, there have been so many “after all”-s, so many […]

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The big things in life do not happen in a day, or in a minute. They do not just appear, no matter that sometimes it looks like they do. Instead, the life prepares you slowly for them, the life prepares them slowly and gently for you. Every day and every minute. The big changes, the […]

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The Best of Me

I’ve heard that I am not an easy one so many times. Not a “normal” one, whatever this means. I’ve heard I am complicated and unpredictable. I have heard so many things about me. Actually, most of it is true. I am not an easy one. But the thing is I am not easy, only […]

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The Scariest Thing

The love and the fear speak different languages.   Let’s start from there. We are addicted to the models. Since our earliest days, we are being trained to follow models and predefined ways of development. The most obvious model – kindergarten, school, university, job, family, kids and etc. Simple. However, this is not the deadliest model […]

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Scorpio Soul

This small piece of me was written April 2017, after my first and only depression. As an Aries, I do not tend to fall into the trap of such emotions for a long time. Usually, my nature commands me to feel intense emotions, but for a short time. They are a  thunderstorm. It doesn’t take long […]

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