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There is something so very special in the creation process of a social project. It always starts with a bit of a trigger that something could be so much better.

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Balance - green & stable
/2020 - 2022/


Bringing Sustainability and Environmental Action Together for Better Future

The BALANCE project, stepping on the key learning points from the Green Action Plan for SMEs (small and midsized enterprises), aims to develop and provide SMEs decision-makers with an innovative program, based on ECVET, that will help them transform into greener operations while improving their financial literacy and enhancing their environmental awareness.

The project is coordinated by Inspire NGO and involves partners from Greece, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, and Cyprus.

Mission Kids Smile
/2019 - ongoing/

Mission Kids Smile is an initiative dedicated to support the family-type accommodation centres in Bulgaria for children deprived of parental care.

Step towards independence

Step towards independence is a project for supporting endangered young women who are exiting the Bulgarian social system.

give forward

Give forward supports parents of children with physical disabilities by providing them with medical equipment donated by our partners in Austria.

Kidz Welcome
/2018 - ongoing/

Kidz Welcome is a project and one of its kind certification program dedicated to easing the parents living in cities to raise their children.

Past projects

levcheto velina dragiyska


Levcheto is an event- gamification in a form of simulation of stock exchange for improving the financial knowledge of the Bulgarian youth. My team and I managed to deliver an event for 300 attendees, to involve governmental and non-governmental organizations and to achieve sustainability – the project runs annually up until the current moment.

Speaker events